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Research has shown that a human being’s eventual life success is largely dependent on their early development. It is during this time that children begin settling down into “tracks”, or paths as determined by their parents’ choices. It’s not a surprise that when parents discover an innate talent in their child, they seek to nurture this talent and allow it to flourish.

Tutoring Programs

Tutoring Richmond is a first of its kind award winning tutoring service that will put your mind at ease. This trusted tutoring service is dependent upon the difficulties your child is having and the help you need can be found with one of our programs that are patented specifically for learners in grades K-12. If you are struggling to find reading and writing tutors in Richmond, then look no further. The tailored English Tutoring Richmond programs to fit each child’s individual learning style and offer the top rated best tutors in Richmond. Mathematical equations become second nature as our math tutoring Richmond program incorporates a holistic learning approach tailored for each new learner entering our program.

Customized tutoring services Richmond will work with you and your struggling student to analyze and target your child’s learning needs. We will not waste your time or our own with programs that will not ensure the success of your student. Our individualized approach is the reason, so many parents have come to rely on the services found at the tutoring center in Richmond.

Many parents wait to seek help when they realize their child is struggling with key educational concepts. Some convince themselves that time will eventually work the issues out while other parents believe in repetition and force their child into mindless tasks. The learning center tutors in Richmond have been selected based upon their qualifications to identify the proper approach to take with each child. Insisting on a student to repeat tasks or ignoring the problem might actually do more harm than good if they suffer from short memory recall deficits or worse.

Tutoring Richmond staff members have been background checked and have gone through rigorous qualification checks as well as in depth training. Many of the tutors at the learning center in Richmond are actually teachers who have been certified to teach our learning center approaches to difficulties learning in grade school children all the way through teenagers in High School.

If your child is having difficulties with learning math we do offer math tutoring for Richmond families. These services are geared toward building a strong mathematical foundation that will allow them to excel beyond grades K-12. Our learning center in Richmond takes a holistic approach to learning in that our top-rated tutors offer real world applications for all of those unsightly mathematical equations.

Tutoring Richmond offers Singapore Math strategies that are geared toward the success of learner’s grades kindergarten to sixth grade. This tutoring approach is aimed at capitalizing your child’s ability to quickly pick up complex mathematical concepts with little effort to help them meet current trends in the mathematical curriculum in our Richmond learning centers. This mathematical learning system has been adopted as the number one tutoring strategy by professionals and parents globally for over a decade.

The reading and writing tutors in Richmond are superb and have been given five stars by many of the parents who have had the advantage of working with them. These Richmond based English tutors are linguistics masters in that they identify the source of your child’s difficulties and apply state of the art techniques to enrich your child’s knowledge and comprehension. Tutoring Richmond will target the problem area of language acquisition and pinpoint issues in phonetics and phonology, lexicology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics.

The best tutors at Tutoring Richmond will assist and work with your child to learn the essential sight words for beginning readers to help them quickly identify key words used and then master the English language. This preparatory program will assist your child while on the road to becoming independent readers at our learning center in Richmond. This is accomplished through one of our many preparatory programs patented for early reading success.

Tutoring Richmond creates a detailed sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic analysis of each child that will be done to gain insights into difficulties your child may have with processing the English language as a whole. The Richmond Learning center has a top rated and patented program which offers remedial linguistic tutoring and language planning for Richmond learners in grades K-12. Essentially, whether your child is having difficulty applying the use of language or needs help understanding the difference between a noun, verb, or a pronoun those language barriers can be overcome in no time.

One enrolled in the tutoring centers Richmond your child will be assessed for their current abilities and then an instructional tutoring map will be made based upon the outcome of the assessment. Our approach at Tutoring Richmond is very hands on and will only include one on one instructional sessions. Our preparatory programs can even help your child develop proper learning habits which may have attributed to poor academic success.

The Richmond learning centers will strengthen your budding students’ academic skills from kindergarten all the way to high school through our unique preparatory programs. The students at Tutoring Richmond quickly gain difficult concepts related to reading, writing, math, and proficiency of the English language. The tools your child will learn at Tutoring Richmond will give them the confidence needed to perform their best academically in the blink of an eye.


These people are responsible for your kid’s early education. Be sure that all of them are completely certified, practice-proven and highly dedicated education industry professionals!

Brenda Flores


Brenda has a been working in urban K-12 education for over a decade. Most recently, she was the chief financial officer at Match Education, a high performing charter…

Dominic Snyder


Dominic worked in east San Jose for the last ten years, teaching and leading in district and charter elementary schools. In between, he spent two years teaching integrated…

Jenna Moore

Owner/Head Teacher

Jenna s a pediatrician and an education entrepreneur. In particular, she is interested in integrating her work in health and education through designing and…

Julie Collins


I have been principal at B.B.P.S. since 2007. Prior to that I was a teacher and deputy principal in local schools and lectured in teacher training. I am interested in…

Mrs Sam’s Learning


Research has shown that a human being’s eventual life success is largely dependent on their early development. It is during this time that children begin settling down into “tracks”, or paths as determined by their parents’ choices. It’s not a surprise that when parents discover an innate talent in their child, they seek to nurture this talent and allow it to flourish.

Mrs Sam’s Learning


As you already know, clarity of communication is key to forging meaningful relationship with teachers, peers and other people we come into contact with on a daily basis. And the English language has a diverse vocabulary, that when mastered, can allow your child to better project his innate talents. Mastering the English language also helps your child to easily grasp the concepts of other subjects, such as Math, Science and much more.

Mrs Sam’s Learning Formula

What happens when your child goes through Mrs Sam’s Patented Formula?

  • Allows your child to comprehensively master the basic infrastructure of language
  • Truly understand what they are reading
  • Amass an amazing library of vocabulary and retain it for future use
  • Enter Primary 1 with confidence knowing that your child is ahead of his/her peers
  • Build a level of independence previously seen only in the most gifted of children

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